Friday, April 10, 2015

Dancing On Oahu

This island doing pretty good all over. Taking it slow but that is all right too. Little news from Sea Country, everybody goes to town for that. They should do as they please.

"People may not be as beautiful as they look or as they talk.
They are only as beautiful as the care and they share."

Meanwhile the rest of the island is jumping. We just got some news from Aunty Maili, (Wahaiwa Ballroom Dance Club) and it is all good news. The beautiful poster for those wanting to drive. This is your great opportunity.

Now that is getting the information to the dancers. These
"Two Centers" are developing into the most important
people in Dance Blogging on this island.

"Paniolo Country" by Melveen Leed

Also just received from Aunty Maili:
A nice way to spend a Friday evening from Deanie Bates, President of Aiea Ballroom Dance Association.

Aiea Ballroom Announcement.
Hope you guys can be with us this Friday, 4/10, at the Palladium for our dance. Time is 6-9:30 pm; color theme is PINK w/ any other color you want. Refreshments at half time. Full ballroom. Bert will dj. Deanie

Pub's Side Note: On the Internet, and people do say what they think.
"The property taxes and sales taxes will go sky high, now that the people got fooled into this dumb choo choo train that goes nowhere. Do like any intelligent human being would do, who doesn't want to go broke and end up homeless. Sell your house and move."