Friday, March 6, 2015

What? Bodder You?

There are some very good organizations making every effort to make the residents of this community aware of where we are and how much more important we are than "they" think. Most are in the commercial fields but are hampered by the Agricultural backers and the "Keep the country, country" groups. We all should understand what they mean about no sidewalks or shoestores on the Waianae Coast. And a packed Farrington Highway does not worry them in the least.

"To touch, to move to music, to inspire - that is the true gift of dance."

Kauai is still holding back more than the others. Someone passed on the old "banana peel" about how we print "private" correspondence. It was never true, but no one never apologized to us. It happens, some one will accused us and someone will believe and no proof whatsoever required. Too common - same thing happened on Maui a couple years back. So somebody lost, Fortunately, if we had 1000 places to contact, now we only have 999.

And we have a new Guest Author in Dancing Nights blog,
Richie Fun, check'im out. And we need more like him.
Photos and information for our reader/dancers.

The blogs are beginning to stabilized and the front runners are emerging. Sea Country is not among the front runners, but it is comfortably in the double digits average hits per day. Not enough computer users and we have hopes for more. Town Dancer remains in front with Blogging Hawaii, Platinum Horseshoe and Dancing Nights coming up very nicely. Once one of them shows movement, like getting Two Centers and/or Guest Authors, then we can work on it to get it independent. The independence of the blogs is crucial, I can't live forever.

 "Siboney" by Placido Domingo

Meanwhile there are plenty of dancers already in this area, but they are required to travel long distances to dance. There will be a new dance club, either in Kapolei or the Waianae Coast. This has been forced to come about because of the Rail Catastrophe. Most will be street or club dancers with no formal teaching, but they can sure learn. When they get into the Ballroom Dance classes, they will really shine. And the best dance floor in the West remains at the Waianae District Park. Just beautiful.