Sunday, March 1, 2015

Waianae Mall, 40th.

I got the news from Western Stories, our monthly publication on the Waianae Coast. And they sure had a nice write up. I looked it up on the internet and I got something and a Quote From Waianae Mall on Facebook.

"We had such a beautiful event this past Saturday at the Waianae Coast
Hall of Fame. So many families and friends came out from the community
to support our honorees. If you have any photos share it with us! We
would love to see your memories of this unforgettable day."

Forty Waianae leaders and luminaries were honored on February 21st at a public ceremony unveiling the "Waianae Coast Hall Of Fame" created by A&B Properties, Inc. in celebration of Waianae Mall's 40th Annivesary. We may know more about this for next year's celebration.

"The Following Sea" by Don Ho

From Dick Adair, one of the best political cartoonists in the entire Pacific in Midweek. Meanwhile, Nanakuli Shopping Center is still on plan even though efforts are being made to stop it by the Present Rail Party. Their aim is to force everyone to work in Honolulu.

Dancing is slowly coming into prominence. It has almost always been the local folk dancing, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese etc. Now we are seeing some sparks of local social partner dancing besides the kids and their acrobatics.

Pub's Side Note: There are some in the dance community have do not wish to be into blogging for whatever the reason. We should respect and try to avoid bothering them. If they do not want it they shall not have it. But the sign on the door we leave open still says welcome.