Sunday, March 15, 2015

A New Waianae Coast

Maybe it is just me, but this coast and these people seem to be getting smarter every day. The Present Rail Party still rules much but they have not been able to stop the new Nanakuli Shopping Center. There will be a lot of workers (minimum wage) that will make it home in 20 minutes. Ten times bettah than in Honolulu.

"We have survived 100 per cent of everything in our lives so far.
If we have learned from our mistakes, there is a good chance
we will survive whatever is next."

Waianae Coast T Shirts
There are many people from Makaha connected to the ones in Nanakuli. The City of Joy next door to me has a lot of people from Makaha. There are employees at Sack N Save, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried from Makaha.

And there is a religious group from Makaha, Zion Ipuka that comes almost every Tuesday evening to help those in need. We are getting to be Third City. The Present Rail Party will try to stop it but there will be an Industrial Park or Business Park on the Waianae Coast. So many lucky ones that will avoid that humbug to Honolulu.

"Hey There" by Rosemary Clooney

So it is becoming more evident that if you have something to communicate, you have the comments section in every blog. Just write it in and type your name and everyone will read it. Meanwhile all others with more interest than that can become Information Contributors and just communicate the information to any one of the blogs.  This can be one or two sentences, or even one or two paragraphs, it is entirely up to you. The thing is no other person can be in the exact same spot you are at any function. This can be called Point Of View.

This applies to photos too. Remember the most important photos for the reader/dancers is the five to eight person photo. Too many of the single, or couple photos is somewhat counter productive. Even the triple. It detracts from the social media presentation that we seek.