Monday, February 9, 2015

The Rail Mess

And it gets worse. They have a new facebook entry, Westside Traffic Alerts and most of it is knitpicking. The timing of the signals, the left turns in the wrong places, the crosswalks, the rude people. And it all ignores that the whole mess is the fault of the Rail Holocaust and it is going to get worse.

I saw it on the Internet, and people do say what they think.
"The property taxes and sales taxes will go sky high, now that the people got fooled into this dumb choo choo train that goes nowhere. Do like any intelligent human being would do, who doesn't want to go broke and end up homeless. Sell your house and move."

If they had 100 dollars to spend last year, they only have 50 dollars this year because the rest of it has to go for the Rail Mishap. And the estimates keep going up. The costs are now estimated at over 8 billion from the original five and many already realize that it may hit ten million before they are done. This is easy money for many, starting with the overpaid HART board of rubber stamps.

Pearl City Business Park. The most fortunate people on this Island, the residents that work here and can get home in 20 minutes. Some people lucky enough to live in Paradise. Some getting screwed up something awful with the Rail Crisis and messed up by the profit takers.

They have successfully stopped at least two possible industrial parks that would have done wonders for the area but the Present Rail Party has bought their way in. Kapolei is fighting to establish themselves as second city. And that means, live, work and play in their own kuleana. And leave the freeway nightmares to others. Fortunately this can also apply to the Waianae Coast when we get rid of those Party Poopers and starting thinking of the residents of this fine community.