Friday, January 30, 2015

Agricultural Land

What is it? We all think we know and everyone uses the term but everyone has a different opinion. From what most of us think we know, there are thousands of acres of agricultural land on the Island of Oahu, just laying fallow. Just look around you as you travel throughout the island and the proof is there, this is an urban island. Much of this empty land has never been used for Agriculture.

"Good Solid Character on the Waianae Coast is how you treat
those who can do nothing for you."

Amazingly, Hawaii has less than a seven day supply of many foods, especially perishables. Some 90% percent of our food is still imported. Hawaii will never be totally self-sufficient. And the land owners have made their statement. "You know how much that land is worth? You gotta pay me." They hold Agricultural land for investment not for use.

The goal could be to produce food for the local market efficiently enough to replace most imports. Hopefully, it will be done based on a philosophy of self-sufficiency, sustainability and stewardship reflecting "Aloha 'Aina" - Love of the Land. How about building a monstrosity such as the Rail Catastrophe? Auwe!

The beautiful Articulated Bus. With enough of these
we coulda had it made in the shade.

Take a good look at our citizenry on the Waianae Coast. Many of these friends and neighbors are forced to spend a great part of the workday in commuting. We must take it into account that the lives of all the citizens would be much better if we could live, work and play in our own kuleana. Being able to spend a little extra time with the family could certainly be taken into consideration. If you have to bear the cross of going to Honolulu every day, you can have it but you do not have to lay it on anyone else.

"What A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

Hopefully we will make good choices. We must allow the building of business parks on the Waianae Coast using extra care not to infringe on the possibility of using "Probable" Agricultural Land. And help more farmers make use of the available land. Sustainable farming systems are capable of maintaining their productivity and usefulness to society indefinitely but there must be some concessions for the benefit of the citizens.

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