Monday, December 8, 2014

Moving Right Along

At the beginning of this century Lualualei Naval Reservation was originally slated for possible closure. Then came the 9/11 build up madness that shook up the military. The naval magazine had been all but inactive when most of the munitions were moved to the West Loch branch near the Pearl Harbor Naval Station  This leaves us with the question, this coming year of 2015, when and how will the Navy leave Lualualei?

Rules on the Coast.
"Work hard, specially if you work on the Coast. - Pau work, have a cold one, relax and unwind, - catch the sunset as often as you can. - Spend time with family and friends, make memories and be grateful that you live in Paradise."

Meanwhile Lualualei is moving to do something for the present residents and also for the possible new residents to come.

"By the Shack, By the Sea" by Don Ho

Green Homes Lualualei, Hawaii on the Waianae Coast.

Selling new single-family houses with ocean views on Oahu for $350,000 doesn't seem like it'd be a struggle, given the median price for previously owned homes sold last year on the island hit a record $650,000 and appears headed higher this year. This tract of land is nice fronting Ulehawa Beach Park. Only one negative. Most will add to the terrible traffic going to and from Honolulu and hours of misery. Those that are forced to take the Rail Disaster are even worse and it will take even longer.

The beautiful Business Park coming to Lualualei over the objections of the friends of the Present Rail Party will be so welcomed. The fortunate residents that will be able to work here and be home in 20 minutes will appreciate. They can spend some time with their families and Paradise can be here and now. The Fat Cats in the Ivory Towers in Honolulu do not have a clue. For them it's the bread, Fred. it's the money, Sonny.

Pub's Side Note: Photos are valuable in the inverse proportion to their availability. How you figure? One nice photo of the dance gang in one of our blogs, compared to the same photo in Facebook who is due to get 350 million today? They missed one of yours?