Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dance Waianae Back In

The late surge in hits brought about a change of heart. There seems to be a hint of Third City on the Waianae Coast. You need Honolulu? How about living, working and playing in our own Paradise and let Honolulu screw up their own kuleana.

"This coming year 2015, we will be on the road to success and we will
always look ahead. May we reach our destination and may our
journey be wonderful with few setbacks. Happy New Year."

There are so many things developing on the Coast among them is Farrington Highway. For years our representatives couldn't do anything but they are trying. And now with the Rail Mistake, money to really fix Farrington is a long way off. There are Big Bucks in the Rail and the Fat Cats in the Ivory Towers want as much as they can get. Estimates keep going up daily. Now to seven billion dollars and there is much more to come.

"White Sandy Beach" by Bruddah Iz

Waianae Mall, and Waianae Traffic are getting their points across. Unfortunately, they are limited by Facebook. Westside Stories is doing a great job with their monthly mailed publication. Tamura sends out a semi monthly news on specials. If Western Stories could go semi-monthly and combine with Tamura on delivery, we could have a mini MidWeek on the Waianae Coast, very nicely.

With the start of the New Year millions of Americans will have resolved to lie less, cheat less, and put the holiday hangovers behind them, or otherwise better their lives. And now we know what our Fat Cats in the Ivory Towers of Honolulu want. Some will moderate their bad habits; others may make significant changes and become shining examples of integrity. (not likely)

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

In an age where cheating scandals plague elite universities and major corporations are brought down by unethical actions, the debate about the origins and nature of our decisions play into a larger debate about genetic determinism and free will. But we cannot all be crooks and there must be some good building contractors out there.