Friday, October 10, 2014

Where Are We?

The Waianae Coast is  home to Ka’ena point the farthest tip of the Island of Oahu, Northwest. A possible dangerous trip, that cannot be fixed because the money has to go for the Rail Disaster. In fact that is also the reason that Farrington Highway is in such a mess. Our legislators work downtown with downtown people. The Waianae Coast? Fogeddaboudit!

"We should be sure not to see ourselves as others who may not value us.
We must know our worth even if they don't."

Just below Ka’ena Point is the very sacred Makaha Valley. You will find one of the best preserved temples built in the 1400’s here. This Heiau(temple) is called Kaneaki Heiau, and it first served “Lono” the God of Agriculture and Peace. Later the temple was dedicated to “Ku” the God of War. This is the temple where the first prisoners of war were sacrificed. Now some would be willing to sacrifice some of our people.

"Morning Dew" by Loyal Garner

At the most southwesterly tip of Oahu you will find Barbers Point, the home of Barbers Lighthouse. This lighthouse was named after Captain Henry Barber who wrecked his ship at this point on October 31, 1796. The lighthouse is made of concrete and 71 feet high and first went into service in 1933 and was automated in 1964. Right next to Barber's Lighthouse is the home of Germaine's Luau. This is a great luau well known to most tourists but harder to get to from Town when the Rail Catastrophe gets in. Traffic? Hey, Hey!

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

We have a lot of room and a lot of human beings in this sector. And discomfort is now being extended to increase the profits of the few. The Present Rail Party is still lying about it all. It's the money, Sonny.

Pub's Side Note: Sorry folks but I had to shut down Town Dancer blog again. The Scam Spam Robots are getting in again. Blogger just doesn't have the programmers with the capability to stop them.