Sunday, October 19, 2014

Waianae Coming To The Forefront

The sparks of action are getting better all the time on the Waianae Coast and people are waking up. Waianae Mall doing just fine in Facebook. I wish they would get a few items in this blog. Patience. Thanks for the suggestion like in the bottom photo. Hey, Hey.

Maili Beach Dance Club? Portable Dance Floor? Dream On Friends.

But the West is rising, Kapolei will be second city in spite of the Present Rail Party. And perhaps some of us in Waianae can attend Kapolei functions. Of course, we all are aware of the faults in Farrington Highway which cannot be fixed because the money desperately needed for the seven billion dollar choo choo train.

And then there is the new Nanakuli Library, that will be built next year and Nanakuli is coming to its own. The shopping center will be enlarged and more jobs will be there. Minimum wage in Nanakuli is still worth ten times what it is worth in Honolulu. "And I can spend a little time with my family."

The neighborhood board of Honokai Hale, Kapolei and Makakilo has got to have some of most akamai people on this Island. Look how they voted on the choo choo train. We got people getting smarter every day on Da Coast. Honolulu has been riding this Coast into the ground for too long.

In a Town Night Club: He watched her as the music ended and he told her, "Those were pretty nice moves in your dancing." She replied, "Who's dancing? Where is the ladies restroom?"