Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our New Kuleana

I saw it on the Internet, and people do say what they think.

"The property taxes and sales taxes will go sky high, now that the people got fooled into this dumb choo choo train that goes nowhere. Do like any intelligent human being would do, who doesn't want to go broke and end up homeless. Sell your house and move."

These are drastic measures and unfortunately the Rail Disaster is going to get worse. We will remember when we could get the #93 bus in Makaha at 6 AM and be at the downtown Library at 7:30. The Rail Catastrophe is never gonna beat that in a million years. Rapid Transit was not a misnomer, it was a deliberate lie from the Present Rail Party.

The beautiful Articulated bus. With enough of these we coulda had it
made. And I could get it right around the corner without feeder buses,
rail stations, "Rapid Transit" and then more feeder buses. Auwe.

West Oahu is also known as the leeward coast and it’s boundaries are the Waianae Mountain Range on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The leeward side of Oahu is the least developed area and is inhabited mainly by Islanders. If you want to discover local Hawaii, this is the place you should go. West Oahu is very natural with blue ocean water, dramatic mountain cliffs and lush green valleys.

The beautiful industrial park coming to the Waianae Coast.
And I could get home in 20 minutes.

The first glimpse of Paradise to come is the industrial park in Lualualei. Finally approved after the spending of millions by the Present Rail Party to stop it, with talk about the Agricultural lands. Ha! Haven't been used for agriculture in five thousand years, but they are complaining now. Minimum wage in Waianae is worth ten times what it is worth in Honolulu. And I can spend a little time with the family.