Monday, October 13, 2014

Dance? Anyone?

In China, nobody knows how many social dancers there are in Beijing, even though they are visible enough. Most of them prefer to tango, waltz and cha-cha outside in the parks, wherever there are open spaces -- under expressways or overpasses, or near major intersections. There are hundreds of these popular gathering spots. In Yuyantan Park, near a cherry blossom grove, dancing begins at 6 am, with enthusiasts paying around 3 cents for the privilege of whirling to taped music. The fee goes towards the cost of the tape recorder batteries.

It will never happen on the Waianae Coast. They have to find a nice district park or community center that will permit such nonsense. It is wide open and nobody knows from nothing. There is line dancing somewhere and there was Zouk but we don't hear much about it. There will be enough people getting together one of these days.

Meanwhile, Waianae Mall is leading in spreading the news on Facebook. The others, Makaha Studios, Searider Productions do a little in Twitter. Western Stories has their monthly magazine out regularly. We invite all of them to use this blog at their convenience. Start as Two Centers and perhaps one will decide to be a Guest Author. No this is not a paying job.