Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Progress?

Perhaps it is only my imagination but the traffic on Farrington Highway is getting worse. It is piled up in Nanakuli at 12 noon. And our local legislators cannot do anything because the money has to go for the Rail Catastrophe. And the Present Rail Party has other plans for the residents of the West. They are talking Big Bucks and they are making it now, The residents are due to suffer even more while the Rail Disaster is building and who knows how much worse it will get when it is built before it is torn down again.

Beautiful Waipahu and after. when they install the monstrosity.
As the Present Rail Party says, "Bunch of ethnics anyway
and they don't matter."

Waianae is making more of an effort to build something on its own so that it will count less on the horrible situation in Honolulu. There will be more Industrial Parks in spite of the stumbling blocks. More shopping Centers, drinking establishments and a night life somewhere on the Coast.

Someday in the near future we will have something like this and the people all over will come to the Waianae Coast because there is where it is happening. Shall we dream on?