Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stop the Industrial Parks

Another example is Makaha doing business with Mokuleia. It is less than ten miles as the crow flies, but it just cannot be done. It now takes eighteen hours to get there on the available roadways. (so I exaggerate.) And yes, the difficult but short road from Makaha to Mokuleia could have been built years ago. This could have been for the benefit of all the residents on the Island but not downtown Honolulu. They want the commissions on everything.

"If you are going through hell, don't stop, keep going,
you'll come out of it."

Everyone in Hawaii including the tourist would really have a truly "round the island trip." But of course that requires buses and the Present Rail Party is not interested in buses. Additional benefits for the residents would be the easy commercial exchanges available between the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. But the Present Rail Party is going to put a stop to that nonsense.

The beautiful Pearl City Business Park. Hundreds of cars missing from
the freeway and streets. How long does it take the residents to
get home and spend a little time with their families?

There are signs of cocktail lounges developing along the Waianae Coast and perhaps even a night club with a little social dancing. Some places are staying open until ten or eleven. If they are able to get an Industrial Park, people will be more interested in a night life. Third City?

The beautiful Waipio Business Center. The residents that work there
worship the ground. No long hassles on the freeways, or traffic jams
in town and they remember to go to church every Sunday to thank God.

Many people are very much aware that if they had just few industrial parks on the West Coast, they "coulda been home in twenty minutes." And none of the long, drawn out, slow drives that take hours to and from the city every day down the only highway available. But the people making those decisions live and work in the Ivory Towers of Honolulu. Our representatives from the West don't have a chance. And it's the money, Sonny and the cost estimates on the Rail Disaster keep going higher every day, naturally. Your next year's property Tax. Wow!