Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ko-Olina Resorts

They have been working on it to rival Waikiki for several years but unfortunately it has been reserved for the rich. With more hotels the invitations grow for more attendees and perhaps lower prices.

"We can stop people that do so little for us,
control so much of our minds, feelings and emotions."

Japanese boy band Arashi’s two concerts in Hawaii next month are expected to bring in more than $18 million in direct spending from concert-goers. There will be more than $100 million in public relations and advertising value surrounding the event, according to Hawaii Tourism Japan, the marketing arm of the Hawaii Tourism Authority in Japan.

The Arashi Blast in Hawaii at the Ko-Olina Resort will be two shows on Friday, 19th and Saturday 20th of September. And it will be outdoors at Nai'a Lagoon, at 5:30 PM. It could pave the way for more Asia-based artists to play on the Waianae Coast and in Hawaii.

The Rail Catastrophe has awaken many people that now know they can live, work and play in the West. Actually many of the attendees will be residents from Kalihi and West. We are getting a very good group together, strictly social and it all is pointing towards Kapolei, Second City.

"In This Life" by Bruddah Iz

Then we have to figure how to get rid of Da Big Eye Sore, the Hawaiian Electric Power Plant. Could be moved to Kakaako or Hawaii Kai - anywhere, just get it out of Paradise.