Friday, August 1, 2014

The Goodies @ 8/1/14

So I found the reason for not much hits is in the fact that not many people on the Waianae Coast have access to the Internet. And those do, are not that interested. Hard to get information and hard to help someone. But some things are moving toward the good, "cockroach" is on its way out and drugs are for losers.

I have vertigo and have fallen down twice with bad results. I must cut my blogging back. Town Dancer blog will have posted blog stats on the first day of every month. The few readers we have can see the different hits and decide which, if any of the blogs they would like to help. The lowest ones will be deleted and no one will complain.

New Ka Pua learning center in Ma'ili

So far, Zion Ipuku is looking like the best small size group to help in Waianae. So I must keep looking, if any one of you know of some worthy organization that would appreciate a donation, let's not make things too complicated. I will donate. And then there are plenty of eligible ones but they are leery of the Internet scams and I don't blame them. We will help each other and we will all benefit.

This Goodies blog will continue to be posted every Friday Evening after I get the magic last two numbers from the closing Dow Jones Industrial on the Mainland. Prize Number One will be the last two of the Dow Jones number. Prize #2 will be one number higher than the Dow and Prize #3, two numbers higher. Anyone who reads it in a blog and has the same two numbers in the last of their Social Security is da winnah of the item. Just come and pick it up.

With the Rail Disaster getting worse, I must help all those wishing to work on the Waianae Coast. One week ad is still in for free in this space, can be renewed at no extra charge. I am not kidding or trying to sell anything. Minimum wage on the Waianae Coast is worth ten times what it is worth in downtown Honolulu. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes." I just wanna help, 'kay?


The Winning Numbah is 37 (from the Dow Jones, Friday closing.) You also have the option to buy the item at the set price of $220 for the week ending August 8th. If not won or sold it will go down in price ten dollars per week.

Used only enough to know, Windows 8 is not my cup of tea.
Good for the young people.


The Winning Numbah is 38 (the last two on your Social Security Number) or you have the option to buy the item at the set price of $140 for the week ending August 8th. And if not won or sold it will go down $10 per week.

It is an EMachine normal size desktop computer, original with Windows Vista. Then I got a bargain and installed Windows 8 on it, just to try it out. But Windows 8 is way out and I am too old for this new stuff. I got myself a Window 7 and it is good enough for me. Windows 8 is good for young people, I made a clean install and it is ready to go with the OS Disks, the mouse and the keyboard too.


The Winning Numbah is 39 and you can hope it matches the last two of your Social Security Number. VComfy Foot & Leg Massager. In terrific condition. I used it with socks but the massage is gentle. However I have Pleural Nueropathy and it is incurable. There may be somebody that can use it. You have the choice of buying it at the set price of $220,00 for the week ending August 8th and the price will go down $10 per week until it is won or if it gets to $50, it will be donated.

No Freebies this week, I am making deals so that I don't have to beg anyone to take the item. You know of a good organization that helps people. Dats da kine. The set price is set every week and drops in price until it reaches $50. Then it off the books. Anyone know of a worthy organization or school, (hard to find without begging) I will donate one of the $50 items, ASAP. Simple.

 Meanwhile check your social security number.