Monday, August 18, 2014

Da Rail Mess

The Rail Disaster is already playing hell in the Moanalua Corridor area but it is not so bad on the Coast yet. We must do everything we can to avoid that mess because it is gonna get pretty bad.

"Do not fear to repeat what has already been said. People need
the truth dinned into their ears many times and from all sides.
The first rumor makes them prick up their ears, the second
registers, and the third finally enters."

People in the Moanalua area are already looking to get as far away from the noise of the Rail Catastrophe as they can. Kalihi Valley getting a lot of interest. The central valley going up Waipio to the North Shore also looking good. Of course the Present Rail Party trying to stop all construction of Industrial Parks. Residents can be home in 20 minutes and that means no riders.

So the people in the entire state are realizing that the Rail Fiasco is not going to do the people of Oahu any good. Development of the East, North and West shores is coming about, in spite of the stumbling blocks put out by the Present Rail Party. Those shores are about as far away as we can get from that rail doom. We may yet live in Paradise.

"Sch-Boom, Life Could Be Dream" by the Crew Cuts.

But we know its the profits those people intend to make. Billions and Billions of dollars in profits. But what is life without a few problems? New estimates on the Rail Mess going up to eight billion dollars. Hey, that's only for starters. These people are out for blood.