Monday, August 4, 2014

On Hold

Not enough action for this portion of the Island so this blog will be put on hold for the rest of the month. Then the "final" decision will be made.

"We intend to help, but the reader/dancers must be willing
participants. If they are not, then I cannot help them up
and they may be holding me down."

We had contact with Makaha Studios and Western Stories but then they fizzled out. Searider Productions is still in Twitter. There is some line dancing but no one knows where. They may want to keep it private. The best dance floor in the West remains at the Waianae District Park.

Waianae Mall is doing just fine in Facebook. So for now, everything is on hold in the Dance Waianae blog. Most information will go into the new Kapolei Social Dance blog. And the new name will be Platinum Horseshoe, from the original set up. Takes in a bigger territory.

Start at Makaha on the left side of the Horseshoe, down the Waianae Coast and bottoms out at Ewa Beach, then up all the way to the North Shore for the right side of the Horseshoe. Nice territory and it should hold for quite a while. In Spite of the Rail Disaster this area looks good for complete independence of Honolulu.

“There was this big fellow. Weighed at least 400 pounds.
Couldn't navigate on the dance floor. Didn't care.”