Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lualualei Industrial Park

Yes, the Present Rail Party is still trying to stop the building of any industrial parks in the Waianae Coast. "You gotta keep the country, country" and the citizens should spend half their working days commuting to work and buy everything in downtown Honolulu. Auwe! And they bring up agricultural land that has not been used for agriculture in ten thousand years. Look around you, thousands of acres not in use. Why? We are talking Big Bucks here, the owners want 90% of the action.

Quote from the Present Rail Party:
"Tigers don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep."

The Waianae Coast is shaping up a lot faster now that the bad effects of the Rail Disaster are coming through. We have a Primary Urban Center, from Nanakuli to Makaha, that is characterized as a predominantly built-out market, with potential redevelopment as a possible key component of future opportunities for industrial growth.

The beautiful Waipio Industrial Park. What do the residents that work
here think about it? You want to ride the rail mess? You got it, lucky
you and everyone else is going to pay through the nose.

Most of the District’s existing commercial and industrial uses are small in scale but are growing in importance due to the public transportation changes. The increase in traffic on Farrington Highway has brought out the urgent need of another two lanes. But our representative are helpless against the Rail Expenses which increase daily.

The beautiful Articulated Bus. With enough of them we coulda had it made in the shade. The #93 from Makaha to Honolulu Hale in an hour and a half. "Rapid Transit" the Rail Catastrophe will not beat that in a million years. Not a misnomer, a deliberate lie. Its the money, Honey.

The projected growth in population is already creating a need for more support, retail commercial and industrial acreage, although recent trends indicate a shifting of shopping habits towards local stores from anything in Honolulu. Waianae Mall is doing a terrific job of promotion on Facebook. SeaRider Productions still has too much Honolulu influence, so they must go along with the Rail Crisis.

The good thing is that more of our local leaders have voiced the need for more local industrial parks. The many benefits are there. The main one being, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." We do not have to spend half our working days in commute. Paradise is close at hand.