Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lualualei Industrial Park

Yes, the Present Rail Party is still trying to stop the building of any industrial parks in the Waianae Coast. "You gotta keep the country, country" and the citizens should spend half their working days commuting to work and buy everything in downtown Honolulu. Auwe! And they bring up agricultural land that has not been used for agriculture in ten thousand years. Look around you, thousands of acres not in use. Why? We are talking Big Bucks here, the owners want 90% of the action.

Quote from the Present Rail Party:
"Tigers don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep."

The Waianae Coast is shaping up a lot faster now that the bad effects of the Rail Disaster are coming through. We have a Primary Urban Center, from Nanakuli to Makaha, that is characterized as a predominantly built-out market, with potential redevelopment as a possible key component of future opportunities for industrial growth.

The beautiful Waipio Industrial Park. What do the residents that work
here think about it? You want to ride the rail mess? You got it, lucky
you and everyone else is going to pay through the nose.

Most of the District’s existing commercial and industrial uses are small in scale but are growing in importance due to the public transportation changes. The increase in traffic on Farrington Highway has brought out the urgent need of another two lanes. But our representative are helpless against the Rail Expenses which increase daily.

The beautiful Articulated Bus. With enough of them we coulda had it made in the shade. The #93 from Makaha to Honolulu Hale in an hour and a half. "Rapid Transit" the Rail Catastrophe will not beat that in a million years. Not a misnomer, a deliberate lie. Its the money, Honey.

The projected growth in population is already creating a need for more support, retail commercial and industrial acreage, although recent trends indicate a shifting of shopping habits towards local stores from anything in Honolulu. Waianae Mall is doing a terrific job of promotion on Facebook. SeaRider Productions still has too much Honolulu influence, so they must go along with the Rail Crisis.

The good thing is that more of our local leaders have voiced the need for more local industrial parks. The many benefits are there. The main one being, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." We do not have to spend half our working days in commute. Paradise is close at hand.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ko-Olina Resorts

They have been working on it to rival Waikiki for several years but unfortunately it has been reserved for the rich. With more hotels the invitations grow for more attendees and perhaps lower prices.

"We can stop people that do so little for us,
control so much of our minds, feelings and emotions."

Japanese boy band Arashi’s two concerts in Hawaii next month are expected to bring in more than $18 million in direct spending from concert-goers. There will be more than $100 million in public relations and advertising value surrounding the event, according to Hawaii Tourism Japan, the marketing arm of the Hawaii Tourism Authority in Japan.

The Arashi Blast in Hawaii at the Ko-Olina Resort will be two shows on Friday, 19th and Saturday 20th of September. And it will be outdoors at Nai'a Lagoon, at 5:30 PM. It could pave the way for more Asia-based artists to play on the Waianae Coast and in Hawaii.

The Rail Catastrophe has awaken many people that now know they can live, work and play in the West. Actually many of the attendees will be residents from Kalihi and West. We are getting a very good group together, strictly social and it all is pointing towards Kapolei, Second City.

"In This Life" by Bruddah Iz

Then we have to figure how to get rid of Da Big Eye Sore, the Hawaiian Electric Power Plant. Could be moved to Kakaako or Hawaii Kai - anywhere, just get it out of Paradise.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Still looking around

Haven't been to Ka'ena Point, but I am told that it is where you will find huge waves in the winter and great swimming and snorkeling in the summer. According to Hawaiian legend. Ka’ena point is the spot where Kanaka Maoli (the Hawaiian people) believe that the spirit of the dead person jumps of into the next world. Anyway it is way out and long forgotten by downtown Honolulu.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference - because it does."

Can you imagine a road around Ka'ena Point to Mokuleia, a distance of about three miles. No, Makaha has to deal with Honolulu and Mokuleia has to deal with Honolulu and never the twain shall meet. It's in the rules. How about "Keep the country, country?" Another good one to keep the people down. You gotta pay your dues to Honolulu first.

Going down the rest of the Coast there is quite a bit of Island dancing. Hawaiian, Samoan and Tongan. Very little Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese or Filipino. Some line dancing but hidden and apparently Ballroom Dancing is not even mentioned in polite society. And they have at present, at the Waianae District Park, the best dance floor in the West. Just beautiful, but there is no record of it ever being used for dancing.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The time will come, as we find that we need Honolulu, less and less in spite of the Present Rail Party. We shall live, work and play in our own kuleana and what a Paradise that could be. Meanwhile an introduction to dancing in the Central Valley. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.

It is closer than downtown Honolulu and a lot easier on traffic. Nice friendly people over there, more socially inclined than monetarily. The West is getting closer together now that the Rail Catastrophe looms. People along the corridor are in terrible troubles. In San Francisco, the Rail Fiasco was built and when they saw the results, it was torn down again. We shall see it come to pass here too. The money is so important to so many.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Da Rail Mess

The Rail Disaster is already playing hell in the Moanalua Corridor area but it is not so bad on the Coast yet. We must do everything we can to avoid that mess because it is gonna get pretty bad.

"Do not fear to repeat what has already been said. People need
the truth dinned into their ears many times and from all sides.
The first rumor makes them prick up their ears, the second
registers, and the third finally enters."

People in the Moanalua area are already looking to get as far away from the noise of the Rail Catastrophe as they can. Kalihi Valley getting a lot of interest. The central valley going up Waipio to the North Shore also looking good. Of course the Present Rail Party trying to stop all construction of Industrial Parks. Residents can be home in 20 minutes and that means no riders.

So the people in the entire state are realizing that the Rail Fiasco is not going to do the people of Oahu any good. Development of the East, North and West shores is coming about, in spite of the stumbling blocks put out by the Present Rail Party. Those shores are about as far away as we can get from that rail doom. We may yet live in Paradise.

"Sch-Boom, Life Could Be Dream" by the Crew Cuts.

But we know its the profits those people intend to make. Billions and Billions of dollars in profits. But what is life without a few problems? New estimates on the Rail Mess going up to eight billion dollars. Hey, that's only for starters. These people are out for blood.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Among the more notable aspects or characteristics of Oahu’s industrial marketplace is the geographic concentration of its existing supply. Most of it close to town and adding to the traffic congestion of the city.

"Do your little bit of good wherever you are - it's those little bits
of good put together that can overwhelm the world."

Existing industrial development is overwhelmingly concentrated within three of Oahu’s eight designated Development Plan Areas, namely, the Primary Urban Center, Ewa, and Central Oahu. Waianae and the North Shore have been very carefully excluded.

"Walk Through Paradise With Me" by Melveen Leed

 The Present Rail Party still trying to stop this in Lualualei.
All those cars missing from the road, to and from Honolulu,
and "I coulda got home in 20 minutes."

Based on easily accessible data, the combined inventory of industrial space within the other five Areas is less than 1.0 million square feet, or only 2.7 percent of the island-wide total. Just double the amount in Waianae would do wonders for some good citizens of Oahu.

The number 93 express bus from Makaha to town in an hour and a half now. With "Rapid Transit" it will take three hours plus five times the hassles. Yes, it has been a well kept secret, first one to be cancelled.

Everyone on the Waianae Coast is aware that Farrington Highway desperately needs six lanes, NOW. But the cost on the Rail Disaster comes first. And there are a few that are going to make billions and billions of dollars in profits. It's the bread, Fred.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Billboard

It is officially in as the Western Billboard on Oahu. It will be somewhat like a Web site with weekly updates, nothing very current. And it will include the page The Goodies, with the bargains of the week.

"If you can, you should. If you are brave enough to start, you will."

Anything can be posted in here from the Two Centers and we even can have a Guest Author. It is always up to the person and we make as few rules as possible. Hopefully when you do your own thing it will be for the benefit of all our reader/dancers.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

Maili Beach Park provides a plethora of possibilities but is not within walking distance from shopping, eating and sightseeing. An opportunity waiting to knock. Of course, the Present Rail Party and the downtown "Keep the Country, Country" people are sure to goof it up. It's the bread for DownTown, Fred.

Monday, August 4, 2014

On Hold

Not enough action for this portion of the Island so this blog will be put on hold for the rest of the month. Then the "final" decision will be made.

"We intend to help, but the reader/dancers must be willing
participants. If they are not, then I cannot help them up
and they may be holding me down."

We had contact with Makaha Studios and Western Stories but then they fizzled out. Searider Productions is still in Twitter. There is some line dancing but no one knows where. They may want to keep it private. The best dance floor in the West remains at the Waianae District Park.

Waianae Mall is doing just fine in Facebook. So for now, everything is on hold in the Dance Waianae blog. Most information will go into the new Kapolei Social Dance blog. And the new name will be Platinum Horseshoe, from the original set up. Takes in a bigger territory.

Start at Makaha on the left side of the Horseshoe, down the Waianae Coast and bottoms out at Ewa Beach, then up all the way to the North Shore for the right side of the Horseshoe. Nice territory and it should hold for quite a while. In Spite of the Rail Disaster this area looks good for complete independence of Honolulu.

“There was this big fellow. Weighed at least 400 pounds.
Couldn't navigate on the dance floor. Didn't care.”

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Goodies @ 8/1/14

So I found the reason for not much hits is in the fact that not many people on the Waianae Coast have access to the Internet. And those do, are not that interested. Hard to get information and hard to help someone. But some things are moving toward the good, "cockroach" is on its way out and drugs are for losers.

I have vertigo and have fallen down twice with bad results. I must cut my blogging back. Town Dancer blog will have posted blog stats on the first day of every month. The few readers we have can see the different hits and decide which, if any of the blogs they would like to help. The lowest ones will be deleted and no one will complain.

New Ka Pua learning center in Ma'ili

So far, Zion Ipuku is looking like the best small size group to help in Waianae. So I must keep looking, if any one of you know of some worthy organization that would appreciate a donation, let's not make things too complicated. I will donate. And then there are plenty of eligible ones but they are leery of the Internet scams and I don't blame them. We will help each other and we will all benefit.

This Goodies blog will continue to be posted every Friday Evening after I get the magic last two numbers from the closing Dow Jones Industrial on the Mainland. Prize Number One will be the last two of the Dow Jones number. Prize #2 will be one number higher than the Dow and Prize #3, two numbers higher. Anyone who reads it in a blog and has the same two numbers in the last of their Social Security is da winnah of the item. Just come and pick it up.

With the Rail Disaster getting worse, I must help all those wishing to work on the Waianae Coast. One week ad is still in for free in this space, can be renewed at no extra charge. I am not kidding or trying to sell anything. Minimum wage on the Waianae Coast is worth ten times what it is worth in downtown Honolulu. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes." I just wanna help, 'kay?


The Winning Numbah is 37 (from the Dow Jones, Friday closing.) You also have the option to buy the item at the set price of $220 for the week ending August 8th. If not won or sold it will go down in price ten dollars per week.

Used only enough to know, Windows 8 is not my cup of tea.
Good for the young people.


The Winning Numbah is 38 (the last two on your Social Security Number) or you have the option to buy the item at the set price of $140 for the week ending August 8th. And if not won or sold it will go down $10 per week.

It is an EMachine normal size desktop computer, original with Windows Vista. Then I got a bargain and installed Windows 8 on it, just to try it out. But Windows 8 is way out and I am too old for this new stuff. I got myself a Window 7 and it is good enough for me. Windows 8 is good for young people, I made a clean install and it is ready to go with the OS Disks, the mouse and the keyboard too.


The Winning Numbah is 39 and you can hope it matches the last two of your Social Security Number. VComfy Foot & Leg Massager. In terrific condition. I used it with socks but the massage is gentle. However I have Pleural Nueropathy and it is incurable. There may be somebody that can use it. You have the choice of buying it at the set price of $220,00 for the week ending August 8th and the price will go down $10 per week until it is won or if it gets to $50, it will be donated.

No Freebies this week, I am making deals so that I don't have to beg anyone to take the item. You know of a good organization that helps people. Dats da kine. The set price is set every week and drops in price until it reaches $50. Then it off the books. Anyone know of a worthy organization or school, (hard to find without begging) I will donate one of the $50 items, ASAP. Simple.

 Meanwhile check your social security number.