Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slow Moving Blog

But of course it is understandable because they have never seen anything like it before. Even in Downtown Honolulu many people do not know what a blog is. Social Media? Forget it! On the Waianae Coast, the high levels that live in the Ivory Towers of Ko-Olina or Makaha Resorts have other plans for these people. They have been for bedroom communities but they really only understand that it is not for the working class, only for the high and mighty.

Almost 20 percent of the people on the Waianae Coast live below the poverty level, and of course, these people don't deserve a place close by to work. And the top people are just beginning to realize that it is going to take a lot longer to get to town when the Rail Disaster is installed. Not only for the users of Public Transportation but also for the people using the few streets and freeways available. Auwe!

The Present Rail Party has paid big bucks to our legislators just to agree, that Industrial Parks ruin the landscape, take up Agriculture land that hasn't been used for agriculture for 5000 years and let the poor take the bus, and oh yes, keep the country, country" Heh, Heh. That is the kind of Bull Shit that has screwed up the development of Oahu into a beautiful urban island. They have omitted taking into the consideration "all" of its citizens.

I can praise him on the mountains
I can praise him in the valleys
Let everything within me, Praise the Lord.
Zion Ipuka

We haven't heard too much about the real citizens of the Waianae Coast that have tried to continually avoid the stumbling blocks in the City Council. They have very nice centers to shop and do business and most are nice friendly people like in most small towns, willing to help each other. And you may be able to stop somewhere and have a beer and hear some nice music.