Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Idea

But it may not come to pass. Too many are against it, mainly the Present Rail Party. KMart moving to the Waianae Coast. With Walmart the latest competitor on top of Longs, Office Max and Target, the time has come for the agonizing reappraisals.

"Your work may be to discover your world, then perhaps
with all your heart you can give yourself to it."

I have heard of Nanakuli because it would still be close to Kapolei, but I think Laulualei is much more needed. They could serve as anchor for another shopping center in the Nanakuli area. All two story stuff and close enough to the new Lualualei Industrial Park. Whatta combination and think of all those good people that could get home in 20 minutes after work. Wow, now we could talk about living in Paradise.

The beautiful Waipio Industrial Park, the residents that work here, worship the very ground.

The geographic distribution of industrial space on Oahu is also allocated among 11 major sub-markets, with the four largest market areas identified as: Kalihi/Sand Island, Airport/Mapunapuna, (in the process of being completely destroyed.) Campbell Industrial Park/Kapolei Business Park (controled by the Present Rail Party) and Bougainville/Halawa (an area that will bloom). The Waianae market area does not merit inclusion within the tabular data published by Colliers. Everything there has been very carefully stopped.