Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Idea

But it may not come to pass. Too many are against it, mainly the Present Rail Party. KMart moving to the Waianae Coast. With Walmart the latest competitor on top of Longs, Office Max and Target, the time has come for the agonizing reappraisals.

"Your work may be to discover your world, then perhaps
with all your heart you can give yourself to it."

I have heard of Nanakuli because it would still be close to Kapolei, but I think Laulualei is much more needed. They could serve as anchor for another shopping center in the Nanakuli area. All two story stuff and close enough to the new Lualualei Industrial Park. Whatta combination and think of all those good people that could get home in 20 minutes after work. Wow, now we could talk about living in Paradise.

The beautiful Waipio Industrial Park, the residents that work here, worship the very ground.

The geographic distribution of industrial space on Oahu is also allocated among 11 major sub-markets, with the four largest market areas identified as: Kalihi/Sand Island, Airport/Mapunapuna, (in the process of being completely destroyed.) Campbell Industrial Park/Kapolei Business Park (controled by the Present Rail Party) and Bougainville/Halawa (an area that will bloom). The Waianae market area does not merit inclusion within the tabular data published by Colliers. Everything there has been very carefully stopped.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Goodies @ 7/18/14

Will never be again, this way:
The entire coast seems to be perking up a little in spite of the coming Rail Disaster or maybe because of it. For sure no one likes the awful run around set up by the Ivory Towers to get to town. And it seems like some places are staying open just a little longer. Nice, we may find a way to get along without Honolulu in a Paradise of our own.

Zion Ipuka, an organization from Makaha that appears every Tuesday afternoon, from 5 to 6 pm to offer free food to the needy is looking good. Unfortunately they do not have ready access to computers so they do not know what we are offering here.

They can learn to read the weekly goodies section and perhaps one of their members will get one of the free goodies. Otherwise they may know someone willing to buy at the going price. It comes down every week.

"I love tango, and I used to dance when I was young." ~Pope Francis

This Goodies blog will continue to be posted every Friday Evening after I get the magic last two numbers from the closing Dow Jones Industrial on the Mainland. Prize Number One will be the last two of the Dow Jones number. Prize #2 will be one number higher than the Dow and Prize #3, two numbers higher. Anyone who reads it in a blog and has the same two numbers in the last of their Social Security is da winnah of the item. Easy, just come and pick it up.

With the Rail Disaster getting worse, I must help all those wishing to work on the Waianae Coast. One week ad for free in this space, can be renewed at no extra charge. I am not kidding or trying to sell anything. Minimum wage on the Waianae Coast is worth ten times what it is worth in downtown Honolulu. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes." I just wanna help, 'kay?

"Crazy" by Melveen Leed

The Winning Numbah is 18 (from the Dow Jones, Friday closing.) You also have the option to buy the item at the set price of $250 for the week ending July 25th. If not won or sold it will go down in price $10 per week.

Used only enough to know, Windows 8 is not my cup of tea.
Good for the young people.


"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The Winning Numbah is 19 (the last two on your Social Security Number) or you have the option to buy the item at the set price of $210 for the week ending July 25th. And if not won or sold it will go down $10 per week.

It is an EMachine normal size desktop computer, original with Windows Vista. Then I got a bargain and installed Windows 8 on it, just to try it out. But Windows 8 is way out and I am too old for this new stuff. I got myself a Window 7 and it is good enough for me. Windows 8 is good for young people, I made a clean install and it is ready to go with the OS Disks, the mouse and the keyboard too.


"Beautiful Kauai" by Don Ho

The Winning Numbah is 20 and you can hope it matches the last two of your Social Security Number. La Jolla White Side Walled Balloon Tire Bike. 26" in terrific condition. I am just too old for this sort of thing. Cost $140.00 new, so you have the choice of buying it at the price of $65 for the week ending July 25th and it will go down $5 per week until it gets to $50 and then will be donated.

No Freebies this week, I am making deals so that I don't have to beg anyone to take the item. I just gave a good 22" Monitor to a good group that helps others. And this week they got three cheap watches.You know of a good organization that helps people. Dats da kine. The set price is set every week and drops in price until it reaches $50. Then it is off the books. Anyone know of a worthy organization or school, (hard to find without begging) I will donate one of the $50 items, ASAP. Simple.

Meanwhile check your social security number. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming Up Nice

I have been noticing the advance in the Waianae Coast since I first moved here some years back. There is more bustle and hustle about the Coast than going to Honolulu or even Kapolei. The entity of togetherness is being forced by the Rail Disaster, which is already making it much harder to even get to Kapolei. We have to find ways to avoid going to Honolulu at all costs. And we know we will be fortunate not have to put with the noise that the people along the corridor will suffer through.

"Most of us will be judged not on our successes but
how many times we fell and got up again."

Tamura has been in the forefront with good sales in a semi monthly publication. Sack N Save in Nanakuli has been in the weekly advertising with good loss leaders and bargains for all. Now Longs has joined in with some goodies in the grocery departments too. No need to go anywhere else. We got most of it right here on the coast.


No one has mention third city but the feeling is growing. With a few more Industrial Parks and plenty people working close to home. Wow! Then perhaps a KMart or Walmart and we will almost have it. We can live, work and play in a Paradise of our own making. And we can visit Honolulu once maybe twice a year, as tourists. Why not?

So I am looking for the first real legitimate Cocktail Lounge in a Shopping center to give it a little more Nite life. Though some of the Shopping Centers are doing very well staying open until past ten pm. With a Cocktail Lounge, they would go midnight for sure. Walgreens Drugstore would have done wonders for Nanakuli but the Present Rail Party screwed that one up.

Then there seem to be more groups out to help their fellow citizens. Cockaroaching is on its way out and people recognize that druggies are losers. We are going in the right direction. Now I would like to see some social dancing every Saturday night on the best dance floor in the West. That is in the Waianae District Park. Just beautiful.

Ordinary Communication Media is fine: To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job but there ain't nuttin' like a blog, once you get a Two Center.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The End? Not Yet.

I am almost 89 years old so I haven't got much time left. I have just finalized who gets my physical remains and it will be the School of Medicine in Honolulu. They will also get the records from the VA which should be quite extensive.

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the Violet sheds
on the heel that crushed it."

I have just signed the takeover of my bank account by my granddaughter Tracey West. And I expect to add her to my next of kin. I already have Gordon Pascal, one of my first friends of almost forty years ago in Honolulu and who lives here in Waianae, to take over all my computer stuff. The rest of my goodies I have yet to find. That is the only item left.

 "Frenesi" by Artie Shaw

I am making good contact with Makaka and the Zion Ipuku group and I lost contact with Makaha Studios. Same thing with Western Stories the monthly publication and I will try again with both in a few months. Many people are suspicious and cannot blame them, the Internet is good but still full of crooks and shysters. If it says free, be extra careful.

This blog is doing very well in spite of the bus and the Rail Affliction that is becoming a curse on the entire island. The Kapolei Social Dance blog is helping those interested in making Kapolei into Second City.  Most people accept that too many contracts have been signed and the rail cannot be stopped.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

This is highway robbery and we have been conned, royally, by the Present Rail Machine Politics. It will become useless and an eyesore and will be torn down. Either way, some are going to make millions and millions of dollars in profits and the entire island chain will pay for the next 30 years.

Pub's Side Note: Still the most important item needed in these blogs. The Two Center. Each one will make a difference in the development of the readership. No out of it.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Historically, Mākaha was an ahupuaʻa, or area of land ruled by chief or king and managed by the members of the ʻaliʻi. At the end of the last century it was taken over by the "Class People" in the Makaha Resorts which of course are different people from the ordinary citizens of the community. Regardless we must take all much of the time. and the population is at about 9000 and it should be at least 10000 by the year 2020.

"There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Be careful out there."

Fortunately Makaha Beach Park can be enjoyed by the locals
and not just for the rich.

There are over 3000 housing units which is not too bad. And the racial makeup is 19% White, 1% African American, 1% Native American, 16% Asian, 22% Pacific Islander, 2% from other races, and 40% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 17% of the population which is higher than most parts of Hawaii.

The beautiful Industrial Park in Makaha. Unfortunately voted down by
the Present Rail Party. Everyone on this entire coast knows that for
the lucky few to work here, it would be Paradise here and now.

The median age is about 30 years which is a pretty young group and about 22% of families were below the poverty line. The Hawaii Department of Education operates the public schools, Makaha Elementary School and Kamaile Elementary School. Another 2000 inhabitants and they will be ready for Makaha Intermediate.

Dancing in Makaha? Nevah happened!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slow Moving Blog

But of course it is understandable because they have never seen anything like it before. Even in Downtown Honolulu many people do not know what a blog is. Social Media? Forget it! On the Waianae Coast, the high levels that live in the Ivory Towers of Ko-Olina or Makaha Resorts have other plans for these people. They have been for bedroom communities but they really only understand that it is not for the working class, only for the high and mighty.

Almost 20 percent of the people on the Waianae Coast live below the poverty level, and of course, these people don't deserve a place close by to work. And the top people are just beginning to realize that it is going to take a lot longer to get to town when the Rail Disaster is installed. Not only for the users of Public Transportation but also for the people using the few streets and freeways available. Auwe!

The Present Rail Party has paid big bucks to our legislators just to agree, that Industrial Parks ruin the landscape, take up Agriculture land that hasn't been used for agriculture for 5000 years and let the poor take the bus, and oh yes, keep the country, country" Heh, Heh. That is the kind of Bull Shit that has screwed up the development of Oahu into a beautiful urban island. They have omitted taking into the consideration "all" of its citizens.

I can praise him on the mountains
I can praise him in the valleys
Let everything within me, Praise the Lord.
Zion Ipuka

We haven't heard too much about the real citizens of the Waianae Coast that have tried to continually avoid the stumbling blocks in the City Council. They have very nice centers to shop and do business and most are nice friendly people like in most small towns, willing to help each other. And you may be able to stop somewhere and have a beer and hear some nice music.