Monday, June 2, 2014

What's Doin'?

Waianae seems to be doing very well. Long time, bad reputation but getting to be well known as a nice place to live. The Rail Calamity? We are all well aware of it. We must find a way out of that quagmire. Ain't gonna be easy, there are Big Bucks involved and we all know them people. I just found out that the Present Rail Party bought the famous Sierra Club, lock, stock and barrel.

"One of the greatest mental freedoms is really and truly not
giving a damn to what anyone else thinks of you."

Makaha is showing up pretty good as far as us in Nanakuli. They have a group that comes every Tuesday afternoon to feed the hungry.  Maili has always been looked upon with grace, that beautiful beach park. Lualualei is looking good simply because they will be gaining an Industrial Park. One of the greatest inventions of this century. The residents, that will be able to work there, will be a little closer to Paradise. No more 12, 13 hour daily work days. And plenty of Big Bucks out there trying to stop them. 

"We must keep on putting out good. It may come back to us
ten fold in the most unexpected ways."

And dancing is coming to pass into our lives. All the ethnic group dances will be even more appreciated. And the modern social dances will be introduced. There is some line dancing but we cannot find it and there is Zumba in places like the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Ballroom, Social, Recreational dances are not the same and this can be cut several ways. The first is age. Generally the young (under 30) will accept the new, easier and willing to let go of it faster. And most are very athletically predominant. But the fads of yesteryear last far longer and plenty of money can be made and the hype keeps them going for far longer than necessary.

The Mid Ages, 30 to 60 are on a more solid ground and most if not all are in the regularly accepted types that have been danced for decades and probably danced for the rest of this century. These are the solid social and recreational dancers of the civilized world. Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Swing and Tango.

The oldsters, over 60 have a wide range of choices,  they have been around much longer. And they do not dance every dance. They are particular. A favorite song is one of the best reasons to make it a favorite dance.

Arthur Murray states, there are 44 partner dances in Latin and Ballroom. That is just too many, no matter how you slice it.