Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Morning In Waianae

A repeat from the Rail Tragedy blog:
The good news is that Waianae Coast may provide the best answer and example to the Rail Catastrophe. They are becoming more aware of doing business in Waianae, and leaving Honolulu for whoevah. Waianae Mall has a new Facebook account with some nice news in regularly and there has been an increase in new business in the Mall.

"Think of what a precious thing it is to be alive, to think, to breathe,
to enjoy and chase things you love."

Tamura Supermarket sends out a regular advertising flyer twice per month and plenty of goodies at good prices. Western Stories has a good publication once per month with information on the Waianae Coast. Makaha Studios and Searider Productions are getting more news out for the benefit of the residents on the Coast. This bedroom community is modernizing for the better.

Two story commercial buildings becoming the norm in Waianae, while in
Kapolei they are still one story commercial buildings. Early 20th
century thinking but different kind of planning for Waianae.

There will be more to come. Think of the those lucky people that live, work and play in the Waianae Coast. About as close to paradise as you can come. When the Rail Crisis "Rapid Transit" is installed, many that work in Honolulu will have 13, 14 hour daily work days, And we are going to miss that #93 bus that you could get around the corner, right now, Makaha  and all the way to the Alapai Transit Center in an hour and a half. "Rapid Transit" will put a stop to that. It will take three hours plus the extra hassle of feeder buses, rail stations etc. And if you just missed one? Ha! How you like them potatoes? Auwe.

The Articulated Bus. With enough of these we could have had it made
in the shade. But the Big Bucks in a Rail Disaster are much better.
The hell with the people.

Walgreens had plans to install a store in Nanakuli which would have done so much for the entire Waianae Coast.  Open til midnight would ingrain new night life to the Coast. Maybe five hundred people would have been employed at that new mall. Unfortunately it was voted down by the Present Rail Party, naturally. And the big secret is still true, minimum wage in Nanakuli is worth ten times what is worth in Honolulu. So don't any of those people give me any of that crap.

The small industrial park located back into the Waianae Mountains
out of the high rent district. Paradise in our lifetimes.

The newly realized diamonds, the Industrial Parks which are usually located on the edges of, or outside the main residential area of a city, and normally provided with good transportation. Lualualei is the first one which will be constructed over the usual protests. The residents are all looking forward to the day, "I can be home in 20 minutes." Can't get closer to Paradise than that.

If Kapolei is being held back by the Present Rail Party, they are slowing down as Second City, perhaps it will be Waianae. And we have the best coast in the world, we wont need tourists, this Paradise is for us. Anything wrong with that?