Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Rolling Along

I have made mistakes setting up my social media marketing strategy but I am learning to integrate it with other digital assets. I had tried to integrate with Web sites but most have made it plain that they are not interested. And just lately, I have begun to use the Micros to increase contact with the readers and possible guest authors of the blogs. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, My Space and Google+.

"Shave Ice" by Loyal Garner

Dance Waianae seems to be coming out very slowly. Not only should the accounts be linked together through the links but they should also be directly tied to emails and Micros. Not connecting these accounts reduces the amount of reach each asset has separately. The other blogs are doing quite well. And I just got the list of the top blogs in Hawaii according to monthly visitors. I think most of them are professional Bloggers and they cost money for what they are doing.

"If you are going through hell - keep going, you'll come out it."

Then we surely can take a look see at what is happening in our town blogs, since we are destined to see less of town in the future. The Rail Catastrophe clinched it. And lucky we have a few blogs in town telling us what's happening. The latest is Calvin's review of the Anniversary Ball of Ilima Dance Club in the Town Dancer blog. Coupled with photos by Jackson Cho, that is a blog that will be seen in the entire Pacific Rim.

Housing for the homeless on the Waianae Coast?

Meanwhile in Waianae, the bus situation seem to be improving which will not last long. It will be one horrible mess when the Rail Disaster is installed. Makaha to downtown will take at least three hours. You can make it now on the #93 bus in an hour and a half. And I can get it right around the corner. How is that for "Rapid Transit?" Biggest Con Job in the Pacific in a couple centuries.