Monday, May 26, 2014

Evolving Slow.

Dance Waianae still going right along in the middle teens in average hits per day.  But I am still trying to make contact and most people still think I am out to make a buck. It is pretty well the way things have evolved lately so we cannot blame them. Rotten apples, of course, but really not as bad as other places. Lucky we live Waianae Coast.

"One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it just means
you were put to the test and you did not fall apart." 

Once they are convinced that this blog is out to help everyone on the Waianae Coast, we will all live a little closer to Paradise and we will share. I have things to donate, and I am looking for organizations that help their fellow citizens. I just turn over a 22" Monitor to a group from Makaha that comes to feed the homeless every Tuesday. Nice people, they help their fellow citizens, I want to help them.

Not much dancing here yet. I have heard of Zumba and Line Dancing but they keep it hidden or I just don't get around enough. With the best dance floor in the West at the Waianae District Park, there is a good chance some group will find a way for social dance in this area. The Rail Disaster will force us to think more local. we can live, work and play right where we are.

"Sh-Boom, Life Could Be A Dream" by the Crew Cuts

We are doing very well to challenge the known and embrace the unknown. Accepting the known and resisting the unknown is a mistake. You should do exactly the opposite: challenge the known and embrace the unknown. Now is the time to take this kind of risk because you have less to lose and everything to gain. Great things are going to happen to people who question the status quo.

Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Doin'?

OK, hard to find organizations on the Coast that help and are willing to allow me to help them too. I deleted two from the Mini Web Sites because it seemed I was interfering in their kuleana. So instead of spending time looking around for an organization I will have to do it all by myself. I will hope to meet up with a group that is willing to kokua. Whatever I want to give, I will make the news available in the Dance Waianae blog. It might just get around, patience.

Headquarters will be my home in the high rise in Nanakuli.

"My entire life can be summed up in one sentence. It didn't go as
I planned it. But that's OK. I can live with it."

So first priority will be how to get rid of the freebies. Second will be how to get a Two Center to stick their "2 cents in." A photo or two and a bit of info is all we need, now and then. Wow, whatta big difference that will make.

Then we can all have fun doing what we like to do most, Dance. Unfortunately things are not always run that way. We just have to do the best we can with what is available and in Waianae it isn't much. Luckily most of us will be doing pretty good with time.

 "Spill The Wine" by Eric Burden and War

Don’t wait for practice sessions to practice your dance. Put your favorite music on at home and dance to a healthy you. Specially in the dances with only one natural step rhythm such as Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha. - Most have one basic, -You get that basic step in good, enjoy it to your favorite music and the rest will be a piece of cake.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Rolling Along

I have made mistakes setting up my social media marketing strategy but I am learning to integrate it with other digital assets. I had tried to integrate with Web sites but most have made it plain that they are not interested. And just lately, I have begun to use the Micros to increase contact with the readers and possible guest authors of the blogs. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, My Space and Google+.

"Shave Ice" by Loyal Garner

Dance Waianae seems to be coming out very slowly. Not only should the accounts be linked together through the links but they should also be directly tied to emails and Micros. Not connecting these accounts reduces the amount of reach each asset has separately. The other blogs are doing quite well. And I just got the list of the top blogs in Hawaii according to monthly visitors. I think most of them are professional Bloggers and they cost money for what they are doing.

"If you are going through hell - keep going, you'll come out it."

Then we surely can take a look see at what is happening in our town blogs, since we are destined to see less of town in the future. The Rail Catastrophe clinched it. And lucky we have a few blogs in town telling us what's happening. The latest is Calvin's review of the Anniversary Ball of Ilima Dance Club in the Town Dancer blog. Coupled with photos by Jackson Cho, that is a blog that will be seen in the entire Pacific Rim.

Housing for the homeless on the Waianae Coast?

Meanwhile in Waianae, the bus situation seem to be improving which will not last long. It will be one horrible mess when the Rail Disaster is installed. Makaha to downtown will take at least three hours. You can make it now on the #93 bus in an hour and a half. And I can get it right around the corner. How is that for "Rapid Transit?" Biggest Con Job in the Pacific in a couple centuries.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sorry Day

But that is the way of life and you gotta take the downs with the ups. Yesterday I called Westside Stories about getting an Ad in the publication. Automatic phone, says they will call you back. I called again in the afternoon and still nothing.

 "Forget the past, remember the lesson."

Yes, is always beautiful and No, can be understandable, they may change their minds. But to be ignored! I am hard of hearing but in this case, the silence was deafening. Today I took them off the pages in Dance Waianae, no body paid for that, it is free and I do for those who care about others. Then I unfollowed them from Facebook. I have many people to see, many ways to help and I must be on my way.

Anyone else I can help I am more than willing, I want to see the people of the Waianae Coast, "happier." All I need is a little kokua from a few organizations that are helping.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

#401, 402 and the 403 buses from the Frank Fasi days when transportation was for the people. Still running just beautiful for the good citizens of the Waianae Coast. Unfortunately, the Present Rail Party has other plans in the future and you gotta walk or find some other way. It's the loot, Klute. Billions of dollars in profit on the Rail Disaster.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Growing Waianae Center

It has been too long goofed up by the "Keep the Country, Country" of the last century. There are many that are thinking for the good and enjoyment of the citizens of this community. The most basic is the long time expression, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."  It takes me 20 minutes to get out of the parking area in Honolulu. Let's leave Honolulu as much as we can - out of it.

 "Don't lose hope, when the sun goes down, look up,
the stars will come out."

Downtown Waianae is on its way. The far end south is the Bus Transit Center, and they are very good with the local buses, just made perfect for the local community. We just don't know for how long they are going to last. (The Present Rail Party, Auwe!)

Right next to it and going North are three solid anchors. Long's Drug Store, American Bank and City Mill along with some good two story stuff. Some space in between and we have Tamura Super Market, First Hawaiian Bank and the Post Office. And we could not get photos of the others. The photographers make it difficult if not impossible. They don't sell anything they only rent. Copyright or something.

Tamura seems to kokua very well with the locals. They seem to know
that if thousands want to send a photo to their friends or relatives.
It is OK. - free Public Relations. They Akamai.

With Pokai Bay on the beach and a good fill in of buildings between or slightly in back, Two Story buildings, 20, 30 units for stores, office space and light industry, that will solidify a perfect downtown Waianae. People would be coming from Kapolei now that the Rail Disaster is taking their second city away from them.

Raised flower beds are attractive, long lasting and affordable. There seems to be a lot of them on the Waianae Coast. Is there a reason? The West Coast is a lot dryer than the East Coast but there are a lot of ways to get water here. Talk about underdeveloped nations, this is it.

"The Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

We have a ways to go, but together we can make it. Apparently more people are becoming aware that there is a West Coast and there a West Coast Swing? Later on a small Industrial Park back in the Valley. Could be cheaper "Ag Land" and with a job there, even minimum wage, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." Talk about living in Paradise.

Pub's Side Note: You want to see what a real Hawaiian Dance Blog looks like, tune in to Town Dancer blog of today. Wow, I am getting email from all over the world.  Calvin and Debra without a doubt the best. Now that is a blog that we can never beat but we sure can get our own things in. This is Social Media.