Sunday, March 23, 2014

Waianae, Really Starting To Roll.

The people on the Waianae Coast realize that they live pretty close to Paradise, but? First, the biggest cloud on the horizon is that they have to go so far to work everyday. Some lucky ones work nearby but most must spend "hours" to and from Honolulu everyday, At one time we had pretty good bus service, but now that the Present Rail Party has taken over it is a disaster. And everyone knows that it is going to get worse.

"It is hard to believe that a person is telling the truth when
you know that you would lie if you were in their place."

I can get the #93 bus at Alapai Transit Center during the week, at 3 pm. and get home in Nanakuli before 4 pm. This was set up before the Present Rail Party took over. The Rail Disaster, when finished will take three hours. The #93 will be discontinued, naturally. Look it up and you will see. Rapid Transit, the biggest Con Job in the history of the Island of Oahu. Ever!

"Morning Dew" by Loyal Garner

And everyone in the West knows that it is going to get worse and the auto repair shops on the Waianae Coast are already working overtime to fix the old clunkers. More cars, more traffic, much slower to get to Kapolei. And if you have to pay for the Rail Disaster you cannot fix Farrington Highway. right? Your legislators are right there with the answers.

With enough Articulated Buses, it might have been better to
leave the car at home. But no, the Present Rail Party is talking
"bottom line" and converting all Waianae Buses into cattle cars.
Gotta pay for the Rail Catastrophe.

The small industrial park would certainly help a lot of people and enable them to spend a little more time with their families. "I coulda been home in 20 minutes," is an Island wide saying now. Specially, when we know that the property taxes on the entire island will double in a couple years to pay for the huge cost in the Rail Fiasco and it will do nothing for the users of Public Transportation.

The Waianae Coast would really be a Paradise with one as
beautiful as this one in Waipio, the lucky people would kiss
the ground they live on. Coulda been home in 20 minutes.

If the Present Rail Party insists on stopping Kapolei as second city, Waianae gotta do their best to build a second city, where we need little from Honolulu. Big Shopping Center in Makaha and a another big one in Nanakuli. Wow. Industrial Parks. Paradise would be here.