Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Moving

I have gone to a few more places and tried to explain our kind of help with the blog. But they think I am selling something. We cannot blame them, that is what has happened to selling in the last few years. They try to scam you one way or another. On the Internet if it says free, be doubly careful. And of course the "Creative Researchers And Producers" are known for their lies.

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't
help them, at least don't hurt them."

So far there is only one place that accepts that fact that we are here to help. And that is Kokua Mao and they are there to help the community too.  I tried all over Nanakuli, but it is no go. Once I even offered to take a picture of a "community center" and they recommended not to. Said it was a private place. How about that? A photo from the Street? Needless to say, I will never, ever darken their doors again.

How about this? Can anyone ever imagine something like this someday. And for me I could get home in five minutes.

"I Can Dream, Can't I?" by the Andrews Sisters.

The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center is a non-profit organization governed by a community that addresses health disparities, improves population health, and reduces health inequalities despite financial and cultural barriers.

This Health Center looms as the biggest organization on the Waianae Coast. And they help an awful lot of people. WCCHC is a healing center that provides accessible and affordable medical and traditional healing services. It is a learning center that offers health career training to ensure a better future for our community. It is also an innovator, using leading edge technology to deliver the highest quality of medical services to our community.

This holistic approach to health care is realized through the organization's commitment to provide accessible, quality, and affordable, comprehensive health care, while preserving native Hawaiian culture and traditions in order to achieve complete wellness.

Pub's Side Note: Apparently no one knows of the freebies available to the readers of these blogs. If the last two of your Social Security Number are the same as those posted the item is yours and no other answers are required.