Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anybody There?

The Waianae boasts a huge selection of restaurants and dining experiences. Whether it's the famously simple Hawaiian plate lunch you crave, a grilled plate of fresh-caught local shrimp, the casual atmosphere of a lunch wagon or sandwich shop, or the sophistication of fine-dining restaurants, it's all right here.

"Do think that we are facing a crisis in our democracy. As true patriots,
each and every one of us has to speak up, write and change
those in charge. Our democracy depends upon it."

More than 40 dining opportunities await you on the Waianae Coast and include Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Hawaiian and Italian fare, as well as a broad selection of coffee shops, shave ice/snack stores, and bars.Then there are is Ko-Olina Resort.

At the beautiful Waianae District Park is the largest dance floor
west of UH Manoa. We cannot find records of this beautiful
dance floor ever been used for dancing. Auwe.

Naturally, you can be rest assured that the bulk of fresh seafood, freshwater shrimp, meat, fruits, vegetables and breads served throughout eateries are mostlty the product of local farming. But unfortunately there are thousands of acres laying fallow for centuries. The owners want too much rent.

Another bad part of living in this Paradise is having to find a job on this side of the Island. And of course the worst thing of all, is the one is Honolulu. Auwe. I coulda been home in 20 minutes. Makaha is so close yet so far because the Present Rail Party needs the big bucks for the Rail Disaster. Millions and Millions of dollars in profits. At present one and half hour Makaha to downtown on the #93 bus. Almost three hours by the Rail Disaster. That is their version of Rapid Transit. It's the bread, Fred.