Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Waianae Trip

Monday morning I had a nice breakfast, showered and ready before noon. Had to stop by Kokua Mau and people there are doing their job very nicely, helping the community. Yvonne, and two volunteers, Roy and Kim.

Just in time to get the 40 bus going to Waianae and got off at the Waianae Transit Center. Took my nice leisurely walk dropping my fliers in the right places. Many empty spaces since they raised the rents to pay for the Rail Disaster. Found Kokua Villa. A nice classy place looking more uppity than Nanakuli. Very impressive people there.

I tried to explain but I think I did not do a good job of it. It happens, I am not a very good explainer. I left and thought I may as well go to Makaha and the Thrift Shop. The people there were very nice and seem to understand. I will have to be patient and see how I can help them. Meanwhile we look for others so we can all know and help each other on the Waianae Coast.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

We need the Industrial Park and a much better Bus service. The local buses are terrific, it's the big shots, like the C and the 40. Need to make it more pleasant to take public transportation than the car. They are a far cry from it now. The entire world is looking for the solution and for sure, we ain't got it.