Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad News

Most of the time we have good news and that is always a pleasure. Now it is looking bad which means it is going to get worse. Nanakuli.

"Every person is a volume if you know how to read them."

The big acreage in back of the Sack N Save has never been used for farming two thousand years. But now it has become camping grounds for some of the homeless. They have never bother much and sometime bunch around some spot but they move on to another.

Now we have an added group in the vicinity of the Auto Repair, that are dealing in things that may be illegal. The neighbors are becoming suspicious. And apparently, nothing is going to be done until they overflow and encroach on Kaiser Permanente. Most of us are waiting to see and are very cautious. No coming home late in the evening.

The rest of Waianae seem to be doing just fine. Haven't heard more on the development in Maili but I am hoping for more good news. What about this Night Club?

Just a rumor that they were going build this site next to the Makaha Shopping Center. and if the city could fix the road around Kaena Point, there would be exchange of people and commerce with Mokuleia on the North Shore. Yes, we know the Present Rail Party put a stop to that nonsense.

"The ABC's Of Love" by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Girl field mouse got all ready to meet her boyfriend across the field at 5pm. As she went across the field she got caught in the Farmer's Reaper. But she was able to wobbled over to where her boyfriend was waiting and he took one look at her ragged state and asked, "What happened honey?" She replied, "I've been reaped."