Wednesday, December 11, 2013

City Council Passed It.

I was surprised after the Present Rail Party got all those protestors against the industrial park in Nanakuli. Gotta force more people to ride the Rail Calamity to Honolulu. They talk agriculture and they know not what they do. Take a good look around and you will see thousands of acres of land all over Oahu laying fallow and not being used for anything. Just waiting for the price to go up.

"I would not favour a fiction to keep a whole world out of hell. The
hell that a lie would keep any man out of is doubtless the very
best place for him to go to. It is truth ... that saves the world."
~ George MacDonald

The people here have a different perspective. I live in Nanakuli and minimum wage in Nanakuli is worth ten times more than what it is worth in Honolulu. I don't have to spend half my life commuting because somebody is talking statistics on non existing agriculture. Very possible that I coulda been home in 20 minutes and spend time with my family.

The beautiful Waipio Industrial Park. The residents that live nearby kiss the ground every day. Even if you could have planted Pineapples there.

For those that drive, coming from Kapolei, will be going to work when the other side is packed going to Honolulu. When pau hana, they would drive on the clear lanes while the other side would be packed with people coming home from Honolulu. But there are those who were paid to talk statistics about non existing agriculture. The Present Rail Party will try to force everyone to use the Rail Fiasco. Millions and millions of dollars in profits, in just building Rail Stations. And I coulda got the bus right around the corner where I always got it.

Just a few more of these would have done it. But we all know now, about the big bucks in the Rail Disaster.

The Makakilo, Kapolei, Honokai Hale board got that right in voting against the Rail Tragedy. Wake up fellow citizens, don't talk foolish about agriculture, use what you got now, but use it. No talk.