Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Good Beginning

Hooray, we got the first approval of a small industrial park in Lualualei. This is spite of all the Present Rail Party and their paid protestors. The city council using some sense. Even if only employing one thousand workers and mostly at minimum wage.

"It is always good to know, if only in passing, nice human beings. It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks."

The do-gooders think they are doing good when they talk about mostly minimum wage jobs. They talk statistics like most Ivory Towers and never think about the people. Minimum wage for the residents in the area know that minimum wage in Laulualei is worth ten times what it is worth in Honolulu. Big secret unknown to the Ivory Towers. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." The 403 Nanakuli bus doing just fine, could have 30 cars missing right in front of each of them.

For those that must go to downtown Honolulu, the Articulated buses would have been the perfect answer. Each one could be missing one hundred cars right in front of them. The drivers? "Sitting Comfortably" in the bus. But the Ivory Towers do not understand "sitting comfortably" They are spouting 'bottom lines" and betray the ignorance of the real situation. Few people know that Vapid Transit will take longer than what we have now.

100 cars missing on the street and freeways, right in front of every bus. And "I coulda got the bus right around the corner where I always did."

But, of course, important to the Present Rail Party is the Big Bucks in gravy train profits. All those mainlanders that are being imported are in this scheme. Easy money, and these local yokels can be taken. Starting with the Czar. Every bus driver out there knows more about public transportation on Oahu than Grabauskaus will ever know. But those mainlanders know the Governor (a nothing) the Mayor (another nothing) so take both their salaries and that is about right for the new Czar. Not enough? How about another 100 thousand for living and automobile expenses. And more gravy, they just gave him a 25000 dollar bonus. You'd bettah believe it! It's Easy Money.

Even the Universities on the Mainland are instructing on the "Easy Money" in Honolulu. And who is going to pay for this mess? The people on the Waianae Coast will be first. These local yokels can be taken.

To all Do Gooders: Thousands of acres of Ag land on Oahu,
use it, no talk.

Newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Nakamoto