Sunday, November 3, 2013

We're moving ahead

At one time in Makaha you could have a drink at the Makaha Resorts. But seem like no more. From there down Waianae there are few bars and far between. We certainly need a well publicized cocktail lounge on the Waianae Coast. 

"We need friends for both joy and sorrow" 

Going all the way to Kapolei, they have only one bar there. For sure there is room for one more to establish a little Night life in that sector. But Kapolei was hoodwinked into thinking they were going to be second city. The Present Rail Party has different plans.

The community of Waianae is home to one of the most unusual healing centers in all of the islands. The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center has served the area for 30 years, with a broad range of health and healing services deeply rooted in Hawaiian values. All Waianae communities are as inextricably linked to Hawaiian values as they are to the ocean.

"Sympathy For The Devil" by the Rolling Stones
Maili is the sector that is going to be recognized Island wide. The Shopping Center long over due is what will do it. And will probably enhance one of the most beautiful communities on the Waianae Coast. The best and perhaps the largest Beach Park on the Coast.

Most Nanakuli residences are unpretentious 2- and 3-bedroom homes, about half owner-occupied and half affordable rentals. This good-hearted neighborhood is a beach picnic, backyard barbecue, potluck dinner kind of place. A word to the wise: If you ever get invited to a Nanakuli wedding or first-year baby luau, don't miss it. The festivities are legendary.

Pub's Side Note: To our reader/dancers, please consider yourselves, now and henceforth, and no matter what anyone ever asks of you, free to do any damned thing you want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else unnecessarily.