Thursday, November 7, 2013

We must be patient.

All I can do is spread the word, but I am limited. I will wait for that one Two-Center who will start the ball rolling. Too many good people out there that are not sure what a blog is. Don't blame them too much. Some of us have been in the game for awhile and we are still not sure what it is.

"Dance, for it's the last night of the world."

I hope to get Makaha Studios to state where they are as an introduction to our present and future readers. And I also hope to get AugieT and Nicholas Smith on too. With those people I can see 100 average hits per day which translates to 3000 per month. Not bad. Of course, we leave it open for other Guest Authors and wow!

"Choose your words, think carefully, keep the negative
 to a minimum and then speak up your thoughts."

Ballroom dancing is still doing good -- across Asia. In Japan, "social dance," as it is called, now has more than one million active fans, with 2,000 ballroom dancing schools nationwide and two glossy magazines devoted to the ever-growing scene.

An office worker who became hooked on social dance recently invented a posture corrector that a stooped-back hoofer can wear under his jacket while executing whirls and dips. Demand for the device has been so great that its inventor has now quit his job to take care of his new business.

Middle-aged Japanese executives can be seen on suburban train-station platforms, practicing not their golf swings but their dance steps. The country's hotels, quick to step in on the quickstep, have begun sponsoring organized evenings, complete with a live orchestra. The cost? No less than $180 per person. Bandai Grand Hotel, in Koriyama City, just north of Tokyo, recently built a luxurious, 1,600-square-meter hall simply for ballroom dancing.

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