Sunday, November 10, 2013

The One Needed Most

The Makaha Industrial Park:

Voted down by the Present Rail Party and you know why. Hundreds of cars not going to or from Honolulu. Hundreds of cars missing from Honolulu Traffic. Those that live as far away as Kapolei would be driving to work when the heavy traffic is going the other way. And they would be coming home when the heavy traffic was going the other way too. Makaha People? "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

"Thanksgiving is the recognition of the big gap between what God has done for us and what we have done for God and others."

They have lowered the estimates on the Monthly Parking permits at the Rail Stations to only $400 per month. Whatta break you are getting. But the Present Rail Party is already making millions in profits, it's the dough, Moe. The tough part is when the Federal Money runs out, and they are going through it like water. The Taxpayer has been unanimously elected to foot the bill for the next ten, fifteen years. Property Taxes will double for the entire island. Wow, someone got royally conned.

 Meanwhile Makaha Shopping is not doing too bad in spite of the
high rents. If they made easier they could snowball it into
something bettah. There was even a place that looked like
I could buy a beer. I will have to look into it next time.