Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Off The Automobiles

Throughout the world people are trying to find ways of getting the car drivers off their cars and onto Public Transportation. But they all know that you cannot do it by "forcing" them like the plans of the Present Rail Party. You do it by making it more comfortable riding public transportation than taking the car.

"Only the wisest and stupidest of people never change."

Waipahu, before and after
They almost had it on the "C" express articulated bus. You could actually sit all the way to town. You can sometimes do it on the #93 bus, but that is a shortie bus. Articulated buses cost more but they do the job. Some people were finding it easier to leave the car home and take the bus.

Photos on Right: Beautiful Waipahu and then horrible. But as Rail Crisis says, they are mostly "ethnics" and don't really count. Auwe!

Then the Present Rail Party took over and one of the best public transportation system in the nation promptly went to pot. You can sure tell how they are going to handle the Rail Catastrophe. Auwe! And their plans are to "force" the users to their Rail Mess. But of course, we all know, it's the bread, Fred. Millions and Millions of dollars in profits. Original estimate at five billion now closer to ten billion. Easy money, and these mainlanders know these local yokels can be taken.

The Kapolei Neighborhood boards have voted that they are against the Rail for a very nice long list of reasons. Find it and read it. People are waking up to this scam.