Friday, October 18, 2013


Nanakuli High School still has their High School Proms on hold. Waianae has theirs rolling good. Sooner or later Nanakuli gonna wake up. All the other High Schools on this Island have. The students are all the same all over but the administrations? He he. On the Waianae Coast it will be Waianae High School and Kapolei High School that will be leading the way. They have music and dance teachers that are way ahead of the game.

"There are those who believe they can do something and there are those who believe they cannot -- they are both right."
Dancing on Oahu - (click the name in the side bar) - This is one of the fringe blogs and using Word Press,. I simply don't know. It all depends on the Two-Center or the Guest Author. But I will certainly find out. Any experts on dance blogs out there? I will in the beginning just introduce all the other ones around. People will pick their favorites. And the reader/dancers will be the ultimate judges.

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