Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Industrial Park

The Waianae Coast would be transformed closer to a perfect Paradise for those lucky enough to work there. A small industrial park in Makaha Valley, a couple in the Waianae Valleys, one in Maili and one in Nanakuli.

Property values would go up. People could work close to home. They do not like spending half their life commuting to Honolulu. And everyone knows that with the Rail Disaster, it is going to get worse. The big shots in the pay of the Present Rail Party, talk about minimum wage. But they know "jack" about minimum wage in Waianae. Worth ten times more than minimum wage in Honolulu.

Replace all the #40 "cattle car" buses with Articulated Buses.
Care about the people.

We can get the #94 bus in Makaha right now, around the corner from where I live and be in town in and hour and half. Many leave their cars home because it can be convenient if you can "sit" all the way. The Present Rail Party knows this but want to keep it quiet. With the Rail Crisis, it will take an hour and half just to get in the Rail Station.  Farrrington Highway has never seen it as bad as it is going to get.

With work at the Industrial Park, I coulda been home in 20 minutes. There may be some people that need the rail, but not for us in Waianae, if we had the Parks and the Articulated buses. And Farrington Highway would be nice to travel on.

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