Sunday, October 13, 2013

Starting Off Slow

But it is to be expected. There are some hits there but mostly they are the scam, spam robots that do not mean anything to us. Many are saying that perhaps they pay Google to get their deals into our blogs. Anyway they are just crap that gets in the way and we can hope they go away.

"The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to
be in reality what we would appear to be." ~ Socrates

Meanwhile, Makaha is getting some news, but I cannot get any information on what is happening at the old Makaha Resorts. Many are getting on the bandwagon of making this section into "third city." And we mean live, work and play in our city. None of this bullshit that was given for Kapolei. They built only bedroom communities so that you have to go to town to work and play. And then they stick you with a Rail Tragedy. We were dealt some bad cards so that the Present Rail Party could make millions in profits. It was the money, Sonny and the hell with the people.

In Makaha, dream on, Nevah happen, Da Present Rail Party says no.

Many people in Waianae live very nicely in their paradise. They live in Waianae. They work in Waianae and they play in Waianae. The unlucky ones that are forced to work and play in Honolulu have not said anything about it. Minimum Wage? Ha, many don't realize, minimum wage in Waianae for Waianae residents is worth ten times minimum wage in Honolulu. You don't spend half your life in commuting.
"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

One good thing is many big stores are staying open until nine. Most that were accustomed to close at six or seven are now staying open until eight. The Super Markets and Drug Store will lead the way and some are already staying open until eleven. Walgreens in Nanakuli will be in the forefront and push it to midnight, if the the Rail Catastrophe doesn't interfere.

We can look forward to having dances begin at about seven and go to ten or so. In town, some Salsa doesn't start until eleven. But that is "all night" stuff. We can be sure to have a night life going until midnight in a couple of years. Meanwhile we are getting more people interested in dancing for fun.

"As Long As I Am Singing" by Bobby Darin