Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Holding

I really don't know what is holding this blog up but I will keep on trying. Just connected up with the local VFW, we will see what develops. Waianae District Park seem to be the one that is doing the most for people on the Waianae Coast. And they have the most beautiful Dance Floor in the West.

A beautiful library right around the corner from the Waianae District Park. Put to very good use by the residents of this large community. They knew they needed one in Nanakuli and it was in the plans but the Rail Party came in, and the funds will go for the Rail Disaster. There are big profits there, biggest con job of the century in the Pacific.

Then some people are still working on getting the much needed small Industrial Park in Waianae.

The Rail Party dead set against this sort of thing. The big bucks in the Rail Disaster profits. But an Industrial Park would be for the "people," the residents of this community. 2000 less cars on the freeway to town. 2000 less cars in the terrible Honolulu traffic, and 2000 less cars coming back to the Waianae Coast. But the intent of the Rail Party is to force the users of public transportation to the Rail Calamity and working in town.

Well known fact in the Waianae Coast. Minimum wage in Waianae is ten times better than minimum wage in Honolulu. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Farrington Highway is our main road. This is where we live, but downtown people only think of how much money they can pull out of us. They intend to force us to their will. That is the way the Rail Party defines business. But even though they control Honolulu for now, people are slowly waking up.

Pub's Side Note: There are three rules for getting guaranteed hits in a blog. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.