Monday, September 9, 2013

Dancing, the Waianae Coast

In Waianae, for the Love of Dance.

Kanoe Miller, one the dancers from the Waianae Coast. She married and now lives on the Windward side. There are many Hula dancers here, and some are turning into regular social dancers but not too often because if they want to dance they have to go to town. Miller may very well be the most photographed Hawaii hula dancer in history.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Six nights a week for the last 33 years, Kanoe has been making treasured Hawaii memories for the thousands of Waikiki visitors who have watched her dance at the Halekulani Hotel’s House Without a Key oceanfront gathering place. Miller’s ritual selection of flower lei before each performance, unwavering appreciation of her audience and the venue's incomparable Waikiki beachside setting make each night a postcard perfect experience for all who drop by.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Guyton Kane
A short drive south of Yokohama Bay and Beach lies the Makua Valley which, at one time before Western contact, had a thriving Hawaiian community. Since the 1930's a portion of the valley has been used by the U.S. military for live-fire training exercises. But they have put a stop to that.
The valley is home to numerous endangered species of plants and animals and sites sacred to the native Hawaiian people. The U.S. military's use of the valley remains a source of contention between native Hawaiians and the government.

Robi Kahakalau, one of Hawaii's top female musicians describes Makua in a mele of the same name as "the place where we Hawaiians can still be free". Needless to say the government's use of this land in a destructive fashion makes that very difficult.

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The best Dance Floor in the West is already at Waianae District Park  A Beautiful dance floor already in. However, as has been usual in the entire state of Hawaii, Dance Floors are not made for dancing. They are made of the right material but they are made for something else. The people running District Parks and Community Centers are from the old schools. "We will not be running any Dance Halls on State property." So that takes the enthusiasm for the dance right out of everyone. One of these days though.