Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Night Life?

We don't even have a bar in Nanakuli. How about Lualualei or Maili? But one will come when people find the Rail Mess is just one big mess. Much too complicated and difficult to get to town. And we can possibly have our own on the Waianae Coast somewhere.

Perfect for Maili, Dance Studio and Weekend Nightclub.
I am beginning to meet dancers up and down the coast but too few and far between in time and space. There may be a hundred scattered from Nanakuli to Makaha. Some join line dancers and those fizzle out and some may remain very private. I am available to help and this is a blog. Some are accustomed to going to town perhaps once per month and of course find it difficult to find places where they can dance their kind of dancing comfortable.
This blog on the other side of the Island has more dancers
but they are accustomed to going into town to dance. They
may get their own before the Waianae Coast.
The good thing is that there are plenty of organizations that have members dealing not only with each other but with other citizens of our Ohana. This togetherness can make a difference for our representative do not seem to have a clue. Witness most of them think the Rail Disaster is just fine and they couldn't be more wrong. This blog will take another full year to develop into real Social Media.