Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cultural Dancing

I have to move around a little more on this coast but I have been just lazy and I am old. The latest news to hit from the "Liars Club" is "The approaching Obama scandal." You have seen the Advertising posted on aol emails. But you should know by now how these crooks operate. They are real gangsters. They will lie through their teeth. And it's for the bread, Fred.

"Perhaps the most important thing we can undertake toward
the reduction of fear is to make it easier for people to
accept themselves, to like themselves."

Bought and paid for by the Corporations. Same as the crooks hired by the Rail Party in Honolulu. They may have been a time when many were inclined to believe them. But you cannot fool the people all the time. All we have is truth to fight their lies and it has to come out. On Oahu people are becoming more aware. And remember when the "carpenter" was such a respected name? Look what PRP did to them, dragged the name of the Carpenter Union into the garbage heap. It is going to take decades to recover from that.

This blog on the other side of the island is beginning to move. Dancing over there?

The dancers in the West are beginning to coalesce in different groups. Ewa Beach has parts of it. And Kapolei may rise again. And I can see a new Dance Club similar to Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club forming in the Waikele - Waipio area. Sea Country is wide open for now. One thing is certain, the clubs will be more public and less private and they will favor the American Style of Dance.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

But we are all friends and we realize that we are also dancers, in spite of our differences. We don’t have to be so stinky and can visit each other’s groups and enjoy the dance as fellow human beings on this entire Island. Eventually the Night Club Dancers may turn out to dance just like we do and we can all be one happy family.

The odder side of the island, no worry about the Rail Disaster, but they gonna pay anyway.

It is coming to light that we have high faluting dancers in night clubs. And so many that are willing to tell you the real way to dance. Ha! Seems to me I have heard that song before.

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