Monday, July 15, 2013

Wake Up

Starting from Mahaha, I have been neglecting them too long, because there has not been much doing, or I should say it is quiet. If I develop flyers that’s the place to begin the distribution. Waianae shows some promise with Salsa. Most of Waianae is accustomed to rolling up the sidewalks after sundown. The changes will come slowly. Some places are staying open until 11:00 pm. Don’t push.

"Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts."

Waianae District Park is still looking good with the best dance floor in the West. People hesitate to move to the Waianae for many reasons but the biggest of course is there is no place to find work. We live in Paradise but we are forced to work in Honolulu and buy from Honolulu.

"Crazy" by Melveen Leed

We will have a true paradise when we can live and work and play and buy what we need right here on the Coast, we are just this side of heaven. And, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." is common here.

And we shall dance in the streets.
But the Rail Party and their big bucks in profits make it going to town terrible. The "Cattle Cars" on the Waianae Coast are about the worse ones in the US. The Rail Party backers do not have a clue, that you will never get people off their cars and onto public transportation, that way. The users are all aware that the Rail Disaster is the cause of it all.

What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved!

But the funding for public buildings is still slow and at this moment that is all there is for us. We must be patient. Some people are becoming aware and that is the most we can ask for at that moment. There will be others that will see the possibilities and do something about it. 
They are picking up on dancing in Waianae. Sign on
Body Repair Shop. "May we have the next dents?"

Sea Country, also known as Maili looks very nice. Not much in Shopping but some of the best and most beautiful beach parks on any coast. Plenty of valley behind them for a nice industrial park.

Nanakuli is much livelier for some reason, perhaps because I live here. I have even witnessed, "ladies of the night" strolling at midnight. And Sack & Save closes at eleven, nice. Hey, we are nice people, only one thing wrong, they think I am selling something. I have to go all the way to Waianae to give something away.

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