Thursday, July 25, 2013

Waianae High School

Waiʻanae High School is a public, coeducational secondary school in the Waianae, on the leeward (western) coast of the island of Oʻahu. The school about 40 miles (64 km) northwest of central Honolulu. An average of 2,000 students are enrolled annually in grades 9-12.[2] Wai‘anae High School is part of the Leeward School District, under the Hawaii State Department of Education.

The 40-acre (160,000 m2) campus is located at 85-251 Farrington Highway between the towns of Mākaha (to the north) and Waiʻanae (to the south). Wai‘anae High School is situated on the coastline; the Pacific Ocean is directly west of the campus and Farrington Highway bordering on the east. This location makes it the only high school in the U.S. built on the beach and it could have much more sea faring education in the curriculum.

The school's football field, which borders the shoreline, is named after the school's first principal, Raymond Torii. The school's annual commencement ceremony is usually held there. And there have always been many social activities held there. Now, with the advent of the defective Rail, expenses have to be cut down.

"The World Is Waiting for The Sunrise"
by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

It cost the corporations a lot of money to buy the Supreme Court
under the Cheney-Bush Republican administration but
the People should be the ones that rule.