Thursday, July 18, 2013

So, Wot's Doin'?

The laptop that was in the lottery and/or for sale has been taken off. It is somewhat sluggish so I had better find out before I palm it off on anyone. I have only one computer geek friend and he is in town. I have to find another on the Waianae Coast. Anybody out here? Whether the computer is for free or for sale, I am not going stick anyone with anything.

Ordinary Communication Media: To whom it may concern,
one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their
job but nuttin' like da reel teeng, a blog.

The new "substitute computer" for free and/or for sale is new. Used just to set it up and see what could be done.  I did not realize that it was not for me until I got it and tried to use it. I use too many programs on my blogs that cannot be used on that computer but it is perfect for a lot of people, specially those that like to be on-line. It is small and inexpensive. Includes carrying case. (See poster in side bar of this blog.)

"Pua Olena" by Loyal Garner

Meanwhile, very few on the Waianae Coast know what a blog is. It is not a Web site. And in this case we may be able to build an Ohana so that we can know and help each other without worrying about who is going to make the bucks. We are not about money, we are about people, our friends and neighbors.

Way over on the other side of the Island, but
they have dancers there, I am sure.

Meanwhile we can introduce any business out here, for the residents of this community, right in this blog. Advertising? Could be, but if it is just a few times, I would prefer to regard it merely as communication to the members of our community.

Blogger Law Number 61a: If you wait it will go away.
Extension b, - having done its damage.
Extension c. If it was bad, it'll be back.