Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slowing Down

Sea Country is definitely slowing down in average hits per day. But it is to be expected. Not much doing there. Nanaikeola Apartments are still having their private parties and quite nicely from what I hear. The church next door has their regulars come in on Saturday and they have church services every Sunday morning.

"No person has a good enough memory to  make
a successful liar." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Kaiser Permanente has been silent but they have never been much interested. Some new people started a new gaming place next door to Kokua Mao and I went over there twice but they are definitely "not interested." Not that anyone there knows what I am selling. They are just not interested. Ha!

Industrial Park for Nanakuli, voted down by the Rail People.
 2000 less cars on the freeway to town, 2000 less cars in
town traffic and 2000 less cars on the way back. And
I coulda been home in twenty minutes.

I have been very busy elsewhere so I can bother less in Nanakuli. The only place I go to regularly is Kokua Mao. They are very nice people and they do a great job of helping handicapped people. I would like them to say something for this blog, once in a while but they must be a little shy. And I do get a photo now and then.

Ten percent of the cost for Rail. five times more efficient. But the Rail Party gonna make billions and billions of dollars in profits. They haven't done anything but already costing the city millions.

I saw a guy with one of my hats in town and asked him where he got it. He said he bought it for a couple bucks from some guy in Nanakuli. How about that? Everybody got to make a buck.