Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Right Along

The hits have been coming down to a more understandable count. We have lost many of the parasites that one gets in blogging.

"The easiest person in the world to deceive is one's self."

Yuen Grocery, Nanakuli
When Nanakuli Ridge was in, we averaged 15 hits per day. Then I expanded to include a larger territory and the hits went up to 30 hits per day. So besides the parasites we were getting more people interested with the larger territory. I just made contact with an old friend of mine who lives in Waianae, and he has plenty connections. We just need more information for the readers and I cannot get it all.

"Livin' On A Prayer" By Bon Jovi

Yuen Grocery was there before all of them. Whethered the storm when Food Giant came in. Then when Sack N Save came in, Food Giant dwindled and Yuen Grocery is still there.

Newest blog on the island. There must be some good
dancing people living in this territory and willing to share
with their friends and neighbors.

We have been asked about Salsa Aerobics on the Waianae Coast but regrettably the people in charge have been keeping it a secret from us. If anyone knows, please let us know. And if you would like us to keep quiet about it, we will do that, it is fine with us.

"Greatest Love Of All" By - Whitney Houston

Line dancing at Pililaau seems to be going on, I just haven't had time to go there. There has to be something going on at the Waianae District Park, also a good bet. Outside of that evening or nite club dancing is only for the military.

Yes, all of you have been unanimously elected to get some dancing information to us. Advertising, the mouthpiece of business is publicity that has been developed to a fine art. It can make you think you’ve longed all your life for something you never even heard of before.

Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking. ~ John Wain

Nevah happened!
Fortunately, it works a little bit different in blogging. The first one whether a poster or just a nice written up invitation is "Communication." Now the second is Advertising and one must be careful with that. The third one Spam and we must do everything to avoid that. Each contributor must be their own judge. How close is this to what we do for our friends?

Just be nice, much of what we do is to help. But much of it is misunderstood too. Many still believe blogging is for "money." That is what stopped Nanakuli Ridge. Tough. But of course, salesmanship methods in the last decades have gone to pot and it is worse on the internet. We cannot blame anyone. Next year is another year and we will find the people who understand our blogging.